Rhinoplasty – All your questions answered


What will it look like

So I went to my rhinoplasty consult and the surgeon takes pictures from different angles of your nose. He then edited them on the computer to show me what my new nose would look like.

Here it is…

As you can see, much better. Alot of people get the nose and a chin implant at the same time to make the face balanced but he said my chin is in alignment but he would put a little filler in the indent, as you can see in the after photo.


How much will it cost? 

Now looking at the total cost;

Surgeons fee – $9.900

Hospital and anesthetist fee up to $3000 (if you have private health these are covered).

Consultations – $200 x 2

Pharmacy – nasal rinse, pain killers etc.


Is it worth it? 

So you have to think, yes my nose looks better but is it worth $13,000.

Imagine what you could do with that money, a world trip, pay of half my student loan, or have a slightly nicer nose..hmmm

This is a very personal question..You can not ask others as they will all say you do not need it. Your nose is fine blah blah. But if you think about it, it affects your self esteem and causes you stress then it may be worth more then a world trip. I personally am always conscious of my nose, I worry about the angle of photographs and feel unattractive because of it.  My nose was broken as a teen and now I am very aware of the sharpness it has left behind. I want a nose that I feel fits my face. Is this vain? Probably.


Can you get it cheaper?

The answer to this is yes. The surgeon I went to see is very good and has many qualifications. So for this you will pay extra. I emailed many surgeons and found that many good ones will charge a surgeon fee of a similar price but some are as low as $5,500, with slightly higher hospital costs. One surgeon cost $8,500 with every thing included BUT he did not have FRACS after his name which is important.

Also consider getting it done overseas. In Australia I am looking at around $13,000. In New Zealand I am looking at around $11,000 for a top surgeon BUT it is in the NZ dollar which means it is only about AU$7,500. I would save myself around $5000 just by going across the ditch. I wouldn’t recommend going to countries like Thailand for these gorgeous getaways as these countries have different standards and regulations for assessing surgeons and you don’t really know what you are getting (weve all seen the horror stories). Rhinoplasty is one of the hardest surgeries to perform, so you want a good surgeon!. This is not the place to skimp on cash…it is your face!.


Choosing a surgeon. 

There are hundreds of surgeons around, and choosing one can be difficult. Since they all charge a huge fee ($200 – $300_ just for a consultation, you can go around to a few and find one that feels right. So you need to do your research first. Word of mouth is the best, if you know someone who has had surgery, ask who their surgeon was. You also want someone who specialises in ENT, facial surgery and rhinoplasty. Dont go for a surgeon who does breasts, liposuction etc.. You want someone who has studied for a long time and done thousands of nose jobs.  The most important thing is that they are a plastic surgeon and have FRACS after their name. FRACS stands for Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. To be a Fellow a surgeon needs to have gone through certain training and exams. Do not get surgery from someone who does not have this after their name. RACS is in charge of ensuring surgeons in Australia and NZ are up to a quality standard but other countries have their own bodies, find out who yours is.

Anyone who has a medical degree can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon and perform surgery but a plastic surgeon completes and extra 6-10 years of training to be able to be called a plastic surgeon. Imagine how superior their skill level would be! A cosmetic surgeon will not have FRACS after their name, they are fine to go and see to get some botox etc.. but not to do your nose.

Once you have found a surgeon you like the sound of google them, find any reviews or unhappy past patients. If nothing comes up, great!


What happens next?

Once you have had your initial consult, are happy with the surgeon, the costs and are wanting to take it to the next step you will have another consultation (this is sometimes bulk billed). At this one you will get real photo imaging so you can see exactly what your nose will look like, discuss the surgery in full, the diet (you need to have a high protein diet for three weeks before hand) and ask any questions. 

If you want to go ahead you can book you surgery – I am still contemplating this step. 


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