Bad Beauticians!

I have begun to wonder about the training and regulation control of beauticians in Australia as over the past few weeks I have had my nails scrubbed until they bleed, eyelashes put on that have pulled out all of my own and a spray tan that made me look more like a tiger than the bronzed goddess they advertised.

As we strive for beauty and shell out more and more cash it seems every woman and her dog has become a beautician and it is hard to know what you are ending up with. Many of the treatments I have been getting I not only regret wasting the money on them I also end up damaging  myself and looking worse than I did to begin with (falling out eyelashes doesnt look hot on anybody).

I have started to become a little annoyed as when you go to get your nails done, pay good money, you expect to get your nails done. And it is not like I go to the cheap nail salon on the corner (we’ve all seen the 60 minutes episodes of people losing their fingers due to nail infections). But I have had a few shellac manicures done where the “shellac” comes off in a week (salons are not allowed to use fake shellac polish) and others where they are so rough my cuticles have bled.

It makes me want to go natural or do many of these treatments at home. Im still growing back the eyelashes from the hard stiff false looking eyelash extensions I got. There was so much glue it took another beautician half a very painful hour to get them off. They were advertised as the highest quality natural silk lashes…pffft more like boar bristles! Not only a big waste of money, but a week of looking like an idiot AND my long lashes are now stumpy!.

I think beauticians need to up their game….and we need to not look at advertising but only go to clinics that we have heard are good through word of mouth. BEWARE THE BAD BEAUTICIANS….They are everywhere, they will take your money, your dignity and damage your beauty. They will also make you lose faith in beauty treatments altogether.



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