Hair Extensions for Thinning hair

Some of us aren’t blessed with thick flowing luscious hair but in this day and age it seems you do not have to be, as hair can be brought and attached in many different ways.

But for some of us, those with fine and thinning hair are hair extensions really worth it.

I have very fine hair which is thin on the top and I get jealous of women with long flowing ponytails and thick bouncy curls. Many hairdressers have informed me that most women in Sydney these days do not have all natural hair and in fact have additional pieces added and when out and about I have seen many tell-tale signs of the hair extension.

So I began to wonder if hair extensions could be the answer for me.

I first got individual hair extensions which set me back $2000 (I decided a long time ago that with hair like mine, money is no object), and after 3 weeks removed them as they were pulling out my hair! Devastated I decided hair extensions were not for me…But talking to people about all the different kinds I thought maybe I had tried the wrong kind, maybe I should at least look in to it.

I researched all different types of extensions, and decided on weft hair extensions. I decided tape wefts were not good for my type of hair as they damaged hair, especially thin and fine hair. I already own clip ins wefts but my hair is so fine you can see the clips. So I decided to try wefts that permanently attached to your hair.

A weft extension is the same as a clip in, it’s a long strip of hair that’s like a curtain which gets attached to your natural hair. The hair technician told me that it would not pull out my hair as the weight distribution is over a large area where as individual extensions are pulling on small amounts of hair.

I went and got wefts put in, I got two long ones put in along the back and two short ones at the side. I got Russian hair which is very good quality hair and is very fine hair to match my fine hair texture. If you have fine hair or light hair you need to get European or Russian hair as Asian hair texture will be to thick for you and it will have been bleached many times to get to you colour leaving it in poor condition. The quality of the hair is very important as poor quality hair will end up knotty and pull out your natural hair.

Wefts are usually attached by braiding your natural hair and sewing the weft to the braid, but with thin hair this puts too much tension on the natural hair and can cause it to break or fall out. So the hair technician took parts of my hair and parts of the weft and clamped them together with a  micro bead ( about 3-4 per weft) securely.

Once the wefts were in the hair was cut to a length I like (I asked for shorter, as the less weight of the hair the less tension on your natural hair) and styled.

The first few night sleeping were uncomfortable and I could feel tension on my natural hair and head. After a week I hardly notice them at all except for the up keep.

Are they right for me?

  • I have to wash and blow dry my hair everyday for them to look any good and to blend in with my own hair, this is damaging to my own hair as my own hair is dry much faster than the extensions.
  • I like to do regrowth/conditioning treatments 3x per week which is hard with the extensions
  • When they are done they look good, but 90% of the time I pull them back into a plait and they are in the way.
  • I can feel tension on my natural hair and scalp.
  • I am very restricted in the hair styles i can do; low pony, plait or out. I have air pieces I love such as a bun I wear up high that I can no longer wear and I LOVE.

Over all I have had them for three weeks and they were fun…But I am going to get them out next week. I will ask her to very small clips on to them so I can keep them as clip ins, and wear them when I go out sometimes (hopefully without seeing the clips). But over all they are more hassle then they are worth. They restrict me from doing many things, the up keep is not worth the look and most of the time the look is average and I believe they are damaging my hair which is the worst part about it.

So you can decide on this if you think they are right for you….

Check out my youtube video to see my extensions


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