Losing it…No More….Getting my Hair Back!

I have made this blog as I research hair loss, how to nourish hair and how to regrow hair so much I could probably do a degree on it. I wish there was a site that shared real information on hair loss for women written by women who are experiencing hair loss as I know there are sooo many women out there (and men) who feel like me….Im not saying there are no sites, but there are so many hair loss sites its hard to find honest ones and ones that talk about what I want to know (What works). I want a site for women who know what is like to sadly stare enviously at long flowing pony tails when they have a short unhealthy one, who spend all their money on hair care products that do nothing and dread the hair dresser because they know they will get the pitying look and yet another sales pitch about a great thickening product. Not a site written by someone who says they hate their fine hair and when you see them they have masses and then try to sell you things. 

So I have made this blog page to share my info….and I have just embarked on an almost insane plan to try out many different natural herbs etc…to get back my hair, and make my fine hair healthier. After years/days/hours of research I have found many products, herbs and remedies that have scientific research proving they either grow stronger hair, make hair grow faster or GROW BACK HAIR! So I have brought many, many of these herbs and products (most of them natural) and am going to test them out!! …and let you all know what I think of each of them. 


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