Does Green Tea Grow Back Hair?

Green Tea has been used by many cultures for hair loss for centuries and it has been talked about as a revolutionary hair loss product for years yet with such big money in hair loss I have to wonder why hasnt more reliable studies been done.

Green tea has many beneficial ingredients that could help with hair loss.  One being catechins,  which are responsible for improving blood circulation and have high levels of anti oxidants.  It also contain polyphenols which is a strong anti oxidant and in a study on the effects of polyphenolic compounds (using green tea) results showed that 33% of the mice who received polyphenol extract in their drinking water, had significant hair regrowth during six months of treatment where as the control group who did not receive the polyphenols had no growth.

There are different ways of taking green tea; drinking a cup, taking green tea extract supplements or using it topically (putting it on your head). You can buy it in shampoo (which you wash straight out), tip a cup of it on your head (its too weak) or drink a cup (you would need to drink it all day). But when talking about getting any results research has shown we need take an extract supplement or as I will explain next use it topically in a strong dose.

I am going to be talking about using it topically because in a study where  in cultured hair follicles, the application of a 95% green tea extract more than doubled the length of hair follicles and hair growth almost tripled. In the cultured skin cells, the extract increased the growth of new cells in a dose-dependent manner.

This study also got me excited…excited enough to give green tea a go and see if it really can help me grow more hair.

I have thought about taking high doses of green tea extract but there is controversy whether Green tea reduces or increases DHT (this is what makes your hair fall out if you have female pattern baldness). Most say it reduces DHT and increases hair growth but I am not willing to take the risk of losing any of my precious hairs.

So until then I am sticking to what is proven and making my own topical solution. In the study they used high levels of green tea and ethanol as the carrier. I am using almond oil as the carrier as I do not want the drying effects of ethanol (alcohol) and studies show oil as a good carrier (a carrier is essential to deliver the product).

How I made it:

I took 6 bags of Green Tea and put them into a sauce pan, I added 1/4 cup almond oil and brought to boil. I also added some ginger and peppermint as these are also proven to aid circulation but they are not essential, they were just on the bench. I simmered for around half hour until the oil turn green. I cooled, then sieved the oil into a small squirt bottle then applied some onto my scalp, massaging well. Leave for an hour or more then wash. I will do this twice a week.

I have added a video…check it out at


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